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Post  Amber on Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:29 pm

I personally dont follow any one trend or style, i like different parts of different styles, in a way what i wear on a day to day basis is based on how i feel. Different moods call for different clothes. Some days call for comfy bottoms and a t-shirt others call for a nice dress or something more dressed up or flamboyant.
If i see something i like and it suits me then i will get no matter of what trend it is, be it in or out of style for that season.
I think that following a style or trend is fine, but renewing your wardrobe every season can take its toll on the purse strings, so my style is my own, it may have a few in season things it may not as long as im happy in what im wearing and i feel that i look good then im happy with it.

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