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Post  Amber on Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:36 pm

I have quite a few fashion muses, people who inspire me and who i think have amazing style and know what they like and stick to it.
My first is the late Marilyn Monroe, in my opinion she was one of the most beautiful, and amazingly dressed women of her time, she had curves and knew how to flaunt them.
My second is Jennifer Love Hewitt, she has great style and knows how to flaunt her best assets. She always looks fantastic and puts her personality into whatever she wears.
My third is Kelly osbourne, her style is wild just like herself. She can pull of glam and glamrock. Shes versatile in what she wears and knows what suits her.
The women i've chosen all know or knew there own style and what looks best on them, they excentuate their assets and not appear to worry about what they may not like.

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